The Document Review Process

45 mins

In this course, the faculty outlines the document review process, including various strategies for utilizing contract attorneys and advanced technology. In discussing the process, they note potential challenges and opportunities along the away. The faculty also offers practical guidance based on their own experience.

Class Outline:
  • The Document Review Process 45 mins
    • Introduction & Overview
    • Cost & Timing Impact
    • Ethical Considerations
    • Document Review Workflow
    • Work-Product & Privilege Logs
    • Redaction
    • Legal Process Outsourcing
    • Technology & Vendors
    • The Quality Control Process: Initial Considerations
    • The Quality Control Process: Statistical Sampling
    • The Quality Control Process: Additional Considerations
    • Document Review Strategies & Client Goals
Class Readings:
  • The Document Review Process.pdf
Course Comments
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Peter Smith   |   10/30/2019

This course gives an excellent overview of the entire Document Review process. Each step is carefully analyzed and discussed by the commentators.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this online video course are those of the individual faculty members
and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of any organization, corporate entity, law firm, government agency or the Electronic Discovery Institute.