Third Party Obligations & Procedures

1 hour 11 mins

In this course, the faculty discusses the various issues that may arise when a non-party to a matter receives a request for information. The faculty details the process a 3rd party should follow in analyzing and responding to a request, and highlights some best practices. This course also includes a discussion of the impact of the 2015 amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil procedure on 3rd parties’ obligations.

Class Outline:
  • Third Party Obligations & Procedures 1 hour 11 mins
    • Third Party Information Request
    • Third Party Request Process
    • Determining Whether a Third Party Request is Necessary
    • Legal Obligations of the Requesting Party
    • Undue Burden & Cost Considerations
    • Legal Obligations of the Third Party
    • Third Party Preservation Obligations
    • Proportionality Principles for Third Parties
    • Production Format Requirements
    • Ensuring Delivery of Necessary Data
    • When Does the Preservation Obligation Expire?
    • 2015 Amendments to the Federal Rules
    • Collaboration & Conclusion
Class Readings:
  • Third Party Obligations & Procedures.pdf
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