International eDiscovery

50 mins

In this course, the faculty discusses the complexities of cross-border discovery. They weigh in on some of the unique challenges arising from attempting to transfer data from various foreign jurisdictions to the US, and offer best practices that can be beneficial in managing those transactions.

Class Outline:
  • International eDisocovery 50 mins
    • Cross-Border Discovery
    • International Data Privacy & Discovery Laws
    • The Safe Harbor
    • The Schrems Decision
    • The New EU Data Protection Directive
    • Cross-Border Discovery with China
    • Blocking Statutes
    • Corporate Binding Rules
    • Cross-Border Considerations for Law Enforcement
    • Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty
    • Data Privacy Officers
    • Cross-Border Challenges Related to the Cloud
    • Managing Cases Involving Cross-Border Transactions
    • Potential Ramifications of Failure to Comply with Data Privacy & Protection Laws
    • Conclusions
Class Readings:
  • International eDiscovery.pdf
Course Comments
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Tatiana Turculet   |   04/17/2020

The title of one of the slides regarding the GDPR - which has been in force since May 2018 and is a regulation, not a directive anymore (this is an important distinction in the EU legal framework, since the former is binding in its entirety).

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