Information Security 101

47 mins

In this course, the faculty discusses a variety of challenges—and opportunities—in this rapidly developing area. The faculty details the enormous threat organizations face from cybercriminals, exemplified by many recent high profile data thefts. Underlying the discussion is the important role that attorneys must play in this uncertain, new landscape. 

Class Outline:
  • Information Security 101 47 mins
    • Introduction & Overview
    • Legal Risks with Information Security
    • The Intersection of Data Privacy & Data Security
    • Assessing the Information Security Risks
    • Types of Security Threats
    • International Data Security
    • Information Security & eDiscovery
    • Safeguarding Information During Discovery & Litigation
    • Government Agencies Involved in Information Security
    • Responding to a Data Breach
    • Further Education & Conclusions
Class Readings:
  • Information Security 101.pdf
Course Comments
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Amare Mekonen   |   09/22/2021

Practical and eye opening

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