Introduction to Information Technology: Communications

49 mins

This course considers the various forms of communication that may arise as data sources in eDiscovery. The faculty discuss the common sources of data in eDiscovery, and offer their observations on the ways in which communications are rapidly changing, particularly as organizations have become more reliant on the cloud.

Class Outline:
  • Introduction to Information Technology: Communications 49 mins
    • Data Sources
    • Information Governance Policies
    • User Created Files
    • File Encryption
    • IM and Other Collaborative Technologies
    • Communications
    • Conclusions
Class Readings:
  • Introduction to Information Technology- Communications.pdf
Course Comments
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Daniel Healy   |   05/29/2021

The phrase "whole nother" is not correct English.

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Matthew Shumway   |   02/21/2020

Very informative. It made me think more of the challenges of eDiscovery and being able to obtain the necessary data. I especially enjoyed Mr. Cunningham's section on the emojis. It really hits the points of just what is constituted as communication and how it's interpreted.

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Amanda Kerlee   |   05/06/2019

Great session! Very informative

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Anjoli Michelle Ferrara-Clayton   |   01/24/2018

Extremely informative course, and I learned more from this 49 minutes than I have from a whole chapter of Info Technology in books. Also, I discovered the slide deck provided with each course, so I am downloading them to an EDI folder on my local desktop. Hamburger emoji ref was entertaining!

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Kathleen Crone   |   06/14/2017

I failed the quiz at first because of a computer error. Not sure if that was on my end or elsewhere but hope it does not impact my final score :) Also, I cannot speak for others but I would find it helpful to have the name and title/company of each person speaking shown on the screen thru out video.

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Charles Reid   |   06/09/2017

It would be nice on long classes to be able to start up where you left off and not have to restart the class.

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