The Supply Chain of Custody: Project & Process Management in the eDiscovery Workflow

51 mins

Using the Electronic Discovery Reference Model as a framework, this course outlines the key elements of project and process management in eDiscovery. The faculty discuss key considerations in building an effective eDiscovery team at various stages of the EDRM, and provide insights into effective project management as well as tracking eDiscovery spend.

Class Outline:
  • Supply Chain of Custody: Project & Process Management in the eDiscovery Workflow 51 mins
    • The "Electronic Discovery Reference Model" Process
    • The Stages of the EDRM
    • Work-Product in the Discovery Process
    • Key Players & Skills in the EDRM Process
    • Legal Process Management
    • Integrating Skills in Legal Process Management
    • Project Management
    • Monitoring Costs
    • Understanding the Data
    • Identifying Process Experts
    • Tracking in a Discovery Plan
    • Tracking Billing & Spend
Class Readings:
  • Supply Chain of Custody - Project & Process Management in the eDiscovery Workflow.pdf
Course Comments
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Daniel Healy   |   05/29/2021

The term iterative process should be explained.

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Matthew Shumway   |   02/26/2020

This clearly lays out the EDRM process and the speakers did an excellent job of explaining the steps in detail. I like how they stressed the importance of communication to stakeholders to have everyone on the same page.

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Antoine Maudet   |   03/10/2018

Great, I finally have a clear and concise description of the EDRM process. I also liked the commercial awareness side of it with regards to monitoring costs and staying on budgets. Explanation of the attributes and abilities of the eDiscovery process expert has also caught my attention. Thanks

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Anjoli Michelle Ferrara-Clayton   |   01/26/2018

Another great course. I especially appreciated the explanation of the EDRM with a focus on project management. Thanks!

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Cheryl D. Garner   |   11/17/2017

Great session, my favorite so far. I went back several times to replay portions of the video because Shari and Jessica's explanations of the various phases of process and project management played off each other's so well, and resonated with me as to how these processes should flow.

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Hans-Ulrik von Buelow   |   11/06/2017

Good session. But, my exam question about keeping projects in budget was in my mind misleading. Using task-codes will not ensure that the project stays within budget. But it does enable the identification of run-overs or potential hot-spots that need special monitoring or management.

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Sarah Hackenmueller   |   03/27/2017

Excellent session, one of my favorites so far. Great explanation of what project and process management entails in the eDiscovery workflow. Collaboration with stakeholders, working with experts, and accountability to clients are critical pieces to matter success.

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Andrea Simanson   |   03/15/2017

I appreciate the perspective on the importance of stakeholders buying into the e-discovery process. It's important to step back and communicate the benefits of "getting it right" as well as the risks of "not doing it right." This is excellent information. Thank you!

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