Production Obligations & Formats

43 mins

This course covers the nuances of production formats and obligations. Using the Federal Rules as a starting point, the faculty discusses the technical, strategic, and logistical considerations of various forms of production.

Class Outline:
  • Production Obligations & Formats 43 mins
    • Production Format Obligations & the Federal Rules
    • What is Production Format?
    • Strategies to Deal With Production
    • Types of Production Format
    • Native vs. Non-Native Production
    • Chain of Custody Issues & Hash Values
    • Production Format Discussions
    • What Parties Should Be Involved?
    • Rolling Production Formats
    • Database Production Issues
    • Document Identification Tools
    • Redactions
    • Load Files
    • Production Media
    • Quality Control in Production
Class Readings:
  • Production Obligations & Formats.pdf
Course Comments
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Amanda Kerlee   |   10/11/2019

I learned a lot and also great job to Julie! Although I'm biased because I work with her. And yes, the pop-up questions were confusing to me as well but the ones at the end made sense.

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Stephen Weeks   |   08/29/2017

The first pop up question was very confusing to me as it seemed to imply that metadata must be produced even if opposing party does not request it.

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Catherine Hendricks   |   07/31/2017

Good module. But the questions within the module (not the final questions) could be phrased more clearly. Yes, more discussion of metadata, please.

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Kathryn Lake   |   07/13/2017

I did not realize you had to re-OCR pdfs after redacting them. Thank you.

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Seth Dickey   |   05/31/2017


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Robin Rickett   |   04/03/2017


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Malcolm Guidry   |   03/23/2017

Good module and generally informative. But more discussion on metadata should have been provided.

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