Data Processing & Management

1 hour 4 mins

This course outlines the basics of data processing in eDiscovery. After discussing some of the key considerations in processing data, the faculty expand the discussion to selecting a vendor, contracting with a vendor, and managing a vendor.

Class Outline:
  • Data Processing & Management 1 hour 4 mins
    • Introduction
    • Data Conversion
    • Processing Funnel
    • Culling
    • Selecting & Managing Processing Vendors
    • Master Services Agreement & Service Level Agreement
    • In-Sourced Processing Technology
    • Processing Pricing Models
    • The Goals of Processing
Class Readings:
  • Data Processing & Management.pdf
Course Comments
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Timo von der Dovenmuehle   |   03/06/2019

You should reconsider using a „funnel“ to explain how data is going through the process: picture an empty and a full bottle. Using a funnel allows you to decant the water of the full bottle to the empty one. In you are not a galoot, no water is lost. A sieve/filter would do the trick reducing data.

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Charles Becoat   |   02/23/2017

Really clear, concise and informative lecture on this subject. I appreciate when the faculty gives us a practical real world prospective of ways to implement best practices for the different initiatives related to e Discovery.

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