eDiscovery Boot Camp: Challenges to In-House Teams

1 hour 1 min
This course outlines some of the discovery challenges confronting in-house legal teams. The seasoned faculty discuss their first-hand experiences, and offer practical guidance to help make the in-house endeavor a successful one. Key discussion topics include the various roles in the eDiscovery process, working with vendors, technology considerations, and cost-cutting strategies.
Class Outline:
  • eDiscovery Boot Camp: Challenges to In-House Teams 1 hour 1 min
    • The Role of In-House Counsel
    • Key Players & Collaborators
    • Working With Outside Counsel
    • The Costs of Discovery & Cost-Cutting Strategies
    • Proportionality Factors
    • Rule 26(f) Conferences
    • Contract Attorneys
    • Out-Sourcing vs. In-Sourcing
    • The "Electronic Discovery Reference Model"
    • Building an In-House Team
    • Future Challenges & Considerations
    • Goals & Conclusions
Class Readings:
  • eDiscovery Boot Camp - Challenges to In-House Teams.pdf
Course Comments
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Karine Walkey   |   11/11/2016

Very interesting course and great instructors!

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Lee Holcomb   |   11/01/2016

Great insight to the ever changing face of e-Discovery from both the in-house and outside counsel perspective! Enjoyed the course.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this online video course are those of the individual faculty members
and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of any organization, corporate entity, law firm, government agency or the Electronic Discovery Institute.