eDiscovery Challenges in Specific Practice Areas: Employment

54 mins

This course outlines eDiscovery considerations in employment law matters. The faculty discuss the unique challenges created by employment law issues in eDiscovery, including the vast amounts of employee data many companies hold, often in proprietary information systems, and the use of social media and mobile devices in the workplace. The faculty also discuss the impact of the 2015 amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil procedure on the future of employment litigation.

Class Outline:
  • eDiscovery Challenges in Specific Practice Areas: Employment 54 mins
    • Employment Law & eDiscovery
    • Plaintiff's Perspective
    • Data Sources & Technology
    • "Bring Your Own Device"
    • Structured & Unstructured Data
    • Class Action Lawsuits
    • The Scope of Discovery
    • The Future of Employment Law
    • Effective Policies, Best Practices & Conclusions
Class Readings:
  • eDiscovery Challenges in Specific Practice Areas - Employment.pdf
Course Comments
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Girish Kumar   |   05/22/2022

The Class "action Lawsuit" section of course needs to be culled or summarized and providing reading material to support Faculty's in-depth explanation would be helpful! Overall, a great course, indeed!

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Joseph Caldarera   |   09/24/2017

Great course, presenters deeply informed and able to convey knowledge in effective manner. The third question is phrased oddly, because the answer is fact -dependent, not general. As such, it has no probative educational value phrased in T/F format. It should be phrased as open-ended: "what is...?"

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Charles Becoat   |   06/15/2017

This is one of the best courses on the platform employment law effects everyone in some way. Very insightful information regarding different types of cases and the federal rules.

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Carolyn E. Anger   |   01/28/2017

Salient content and excellent presentation of the uniqueness of eDiscovery in employment law.

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