Introduction to Information Technology

54 mins

This course outlines the basics of information technology as it relates to data sources in eDiscovery. The faculty discuss the various locations in which data exist and the challenges involved in locating and controlling that data. The faculty also discuss some of the issues organizations face resulting from the explosion of mobile devices, social media, and the cloud.

Class Outline:
  • Introduction to Information Technology 54 mins
    • Introduction
    • User Created Files
    • Document Management System
    • Structured Data Sources
    • Communications
    • Intranets & External Websites
    • Social Media
    • Handheld Devices
    • Third Party Data Storage
    • Back-Up Data
    • Conlusion
Class Readings:
  • Introduction to Information Technology.pdf
Course Comments
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Susan Cruise   |   08/28/2017


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Donivan Irby   |   08/11/2017


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Catherine Hendricks   |   07/27/2017

Good overview.

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Teresa Otsubo   |   07/26/2017

Quite a sobering presentation about electronic discovery.

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Richard Fraser   |   07/25/2017

very informative

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Jonathan Thompson   |   07/21/2017

I like the format of different experts talking off the cuff, but edited for organization. Good information about current information sources in a corporation.

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WILLIAM LONG   |   06/23/2017

Good information, except they don't talk fast enough to hold my attention.

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David Coe   |   05/15/2017

Thought-provoking introduction.

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Robin Brown   |   04/11/2017

Good information - interesting presentation

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Joseph Drouin   |   04/04/2017

All three instructors were a pleasure while presenting the information effectively; Tom actually made me laugh out loud at my desk several times.

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Robin Rickett   |   04/03/2017

Just finished. Learned some interesting things.

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Cynthia Gaddis   |   03/31/2017

Some terms were used without those terms themselves being explained, however basic those terms may seem to the presenters.

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Judy St. John   |   03/14/2017

Good basic information about data. Sometimes the sources are taken for granted.

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William Adam   |   03/07/2017

Good introductory course. The review of information retention was very helpful.

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Gertrude Cochran   |   02/15/2017

Great overview from the back end perspective of what e-discovery is.

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Charles Becoat   |   02/13/2017

Great information

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