Data Remediation

1 hour 20 mins

This course outlines the basics of data remediation in eDiscovery. The faculty discuss the issues arising from remediating various data sources ranging from hard drives to paper documents to email archives. The course concludes with a discussion of the 2015 amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure’s impact on data remediation. 

Class Outline:
  • Data Remediation 1 hour 20 mins
    • Maintaining Legacy Data
    • Deleting Legacy Data
    • Creating a Data Remediation Program
    • Hard Copy Documents (Boxes)
    • Hard Drives
    • Back-Up Tapes
    • Email Archives
    • The Cloud
    • 2015 Amendments to FRCP
    • Further Considerations
Class Readings:
  • Data Remediation.pdf
Course Comments
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Matthew Shumway   |   04/14/2020

Great job by the presenters in this course. They bring up many good points that really make you think more deeply about the issue.

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Karine Walkey   |   06/04/2017

Very informative and helpful, especially for records managers. Now I can put forward a good case for implementing policies, procedures and retention schedules for records. Surprising how many businesses do not see the value of this.

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Charles Becoat   |   02/23/2017

The information regarding having a procedure in place for defensible email meta data retention and destruction will bring the courts and industry significant challenges in the near future. How can you on a consistent basis with minimal error effectively evaluate what to delete vs what to archive.

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