Introduction to Information Technology: Collaboration & Workspaces

54 mins

This course outlines the basic use and implementation of collaboration tools and and digital work spaces in organizations. The faculty discusses how new, efficient ways of working have transformed how we complete our tasks--yet also present new eDiscovery challenges.

Class Outline:
  • Introduction to Information Technology: Collaboration & Workspaces 54 mins
    • The Evolution of Information Technology
    • Collaboration Tools & Platforms
    • The Cloud
    • Using Collaborative Platforms
    • Creating Policies & Protocols
    • Further Considerations
Class Readings:
  • Introduction to Information Technology - Collaboration & Workspaces.pdf
Course Comments
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Jay-Jay Flanagan-Grannemann   |   08/19/2016

There's a typo on the Further Considerations slide for this course: "it's" should be "its." Also, in course 4, there are two typos: At one point, "Maintenance" is missing the "an" in the middle, and "subpoena" has the "e" and "o" flipped. Otherwise, great courses.

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Malcolm Guidry   |   07/11/2016

Excellent information especially pertaining to Information Governance.

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Carolyn E. Anger   |   07/09/2016

Very good presentation on this constantly evolving area. The topics addressed are highly relevant at this time and the thoughts surrounding how to manage IT collaboration and workspace issues are practical and creative. I'm really impressed with the content of this class. Thank-you!

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