Records & Information Management in an Organization

53 mins

This course outlines the challenges organizations face when managing their records and information in light of ever-increasing volumes of electronic data. The faculty discuss some of these challenges in depth and offer best practices and keys to success in this expanding area of data lifecycle management.

Class Outline:
  • Records & Information Management in an Organization 53 mins
    • Information Management vs. Records Management
    • Information Governance
    • Information Governance: Requirements & Responsibilities
    • Case Law
    • Benefits of Records Management & Risks of Non-Compliance
    • Creating a Records Management Program I
    • Creating a Records Management Program II
    • Further Considerations
Class Readings:
  • Records & Information Management in an Organization.pdf
Course Comments
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Daniel Healy   |   05/30/2021

Well presented and thorough.

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Andrea Simanson   |   04/18/2017

Excellent information. Getting and staying ahead of information governance is something that takes concentrated effort and attention.

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Charles Becoat   |   02/16/2017

This was very informative and made distinctions between records keeping and information governance.

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Carolyn E. Anger   |   07/09/2016

Highly relevant and valuable information in this presentation!

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