An Introduction to the EDI Distance Learning Initiative

13 mins
Editor-in-Chief Patrick Oot and Executive Editor Ashish Prasad introduce students to EDI's Distance Learning Initiative.
Class Outline:
  • An Introduction to the EDI Distance Learning Initiative 13 mins
    • Comment 8 to Rule 1.1 on Competence
    • The Distance Learning Initiative Overview
    • The Discovery Practice Certficiate
    • Program Cost & Goals
Class Readings:
  • An Introduction to the EDI Distance Learning Initiative.pdf
Course Comments
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Elinor McNeel   |   04/24/2023

I found the Introduction video very interesting, and I am looking forward to moving through the modules and completing all courses.

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Michelle Anita Brown   |   07/09/2021

I learned about EDI Distance Learning at my virtual webinar with the San Diego Paralegal Association and look forward to moving through the course.

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Dennis Ryan   |   06/07/2021

This is a valuable resource and an excellent opportunity for someone like myself, who is in the process of obtaining a paralegal degree and enter the legal field. The founders should be applauded for giving this educational course at basically no cost. Thank you very much.

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Daniel Healy   |   05/29/2021

The wording of the question does not comport to the cited Rule.

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Debra Smith   |   07/27/2020

This introduction promises a very ambitious program. I am looking forward to participating in all the courses and appreciate that I can move forward at my own pace. Thank you.

No avatar
Danielle Mehall   |   03/31/2020

This is a wonderful set of courses and a wonderful opportunity. Thank you!

No avatar
Peter Smith   |   08/08/2019

It is always nice to see the legal community offering such on-line information on vital areas of the law. All lawyers should take part to continue their education on evolving technology.

No avatar
Danielle Zemola   |   11/01/2018

This was a nice introduction to a description of the EDI courses. Looking forward to participating in the others.

No avatar
Karen Ackland   |   05/14/2018

I have been looking for a way to increase my ediscovery knowledge without it costing too much. This is perfect! I like the idea of on-demand learning.

User avatar
Patricia Garnica   |   05/09/2018

I'm excited about this opportunity to learn at my own pace and at a nominal fee. Thank you so much!

No avatar
Skylar Branstool   |   05/09/2018

Thank you for the opportunity to learn more about ediscovery at low cost.

No avatar
ADEWALE ADEMOLA   |   05/06/2018

Awesome!!! Thank you all for developing this great learning platform.

User avatar
Anjoli Michelle Ferrara-Clayton   |   12/29/2017

What a delight to find out about this through a fellow ACEDS Member on LinkedIn! I'm definitely excited about expanding my horizons in my knowledge of the eDiscovery Industry in a forum such as this! I'm a big believer in online education. Looking forward to these EDI Courses.

User avatar
Antoine Maudet   |   12/08/2017

A wonderful opportunity to develop an acute understanding of the ediscovery process and improve the service we provide. I am so happy and grateful for this course...hooray!

No avatar
Raymond Torres   |   11/14/2017

Thank you for providing another way to learn e-Discovery. Looking forward to the course.

No avatar
Kathy Pauline Bodnar   |   11/13/2017

Simple, straightforward explanation of the importance and benefits of eDiscovery training.

User avatar
Hans-Ulrik von Buelow   |   11/02/2017

As Patrick pointed out, many webinars are at specific times of the day, sometimes making international participation a challenge. The EDI initiative resolves this problem by making the courses available for when I have time.

User avatar
Eleanor Holm   |   03/06/2017

Really great and simple overview of EDI's purpose and goals.

No avatar
Dustin Smith   |   12/16/2016

It's fantastic that this level of training is being made available for peanuts. What a boon to the eDiscovery world and those just beginning to work in it!

No avatar
Gary Griffin   |   12/06/2016

Looking forward to this course and certification. I currently deal with eDiscovery from an outside provider's perspective.

User avatar
Carlene Gordon   |   06/04/2016

I am very grateful for this opportunity to sharpen and widen my skills in e-discovery. Thank you so much for making it affordable for me.

User avatar
Judith Evans   |   06/03/2016

Grateful for this opportunity. Thank you for making these courses accessible and affordable.

No avatar
Indira Thavasi   |   06/01/2016

The EDI distance learning initiative is very interesting...Hope it will satisfy the technical knowledge to law enforcing officials....

No avatar
Kimberly Yearry   |   05/10/2016

This looks like an excellent opportunity. I look forward to working through the various modules!

User avatar
Karine Walkey   |   04/30/2016

Just completed the first lesson materials of the course and passed the exam. I love it, the EDI program is so interesting and motivating. Thank you!

No avatar
Barath Rajagopalan Jayaraman   |   04/25/2016

A Great Initiative. As an International Practitioner, I feel the Course adds a lot of value in proving the US perceptive. I would suggest that as the course evolves,the institute should consider adding an international view to the course where European and Asian Laws relating to EDD is also taught.

User avatar
James Harris   |   04/23/2016

Thank you for offering these courses and on the cheap to boot. They're already helping to supplement everything that I do on a daily basis and more.

User avatar

Having sat through CEDS, ARMA's IGP, and AIIM's CIP and IG, I am excited to be able to expand my knowledge and experience with this curriculum. Fighting for budget for these things as others have said is never easy, but you've made it possible for everyone to receive the most current education.

No avatar
Len Hoover   |   04/22/2016

I've been concerned for a while about how to mass educate attorneys to achieve a baseline level of eDiscovery knowledge, and I'm really excited to see what this initiative currently offers and where it goes. Thank you for getting the ball rolling!

No avatar
Jamie Chuck   |   04/21/2016

Thank you for bringing democracy to eDiscovery.

No avatar
L M   |   04/19/2016

This is a great initiative! Thank you!

No avatar
Lee Holcomb   |   04/18/2016

This is a wonderful idea and great opportunity for so many people in the eDiscovery world. I look forward to working my way through the classes.

No avatar
Bram Maravent   |   04/18/2016

This is a good idea. Looking forward to moving through the modules.

User avatar
Joe Treese   |   04/14/2016

The Institute's faculty is top-notch, and the goals of providing a robust curriculum at no cost are admirable. There is much gnashing of teeth in the industry about attorney competence, almost all of it negative. The EDI has put a stake in the ground to actually DO something about it. Bravo!

No avatar
Ashley Brantley   |   04/14/2016

What the EDI Distance Learning Initiative is doing for the eDiscovery community with these courses is truly remarkable and appreciated more than I can put into words. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Sincerely, A State Government employee with a limited training budget

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