Introduction to the Federal Rules

1 hour

This course provides an overview of the amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure made in 2006 and 2015 and how they changed the processes and practices related to discovery of electronic data. The faculty discusses the origin of the rules, their practical applications, and their effects moving forward. NOTE: This course was recorded before the amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure were adopted on December 1, 2015, but the faculty still discusses the recent changes.

Class Outline:
  • Introduction to the Federal Rules 1 hour
    • The Faculty
    • The 2006 Amendments
    • Rule 16 Conference
    • Rule 26(f) Conference
    • Rule 26(b)(2)(B)
    • Rule 26(b)(2)(C)
    • Rule 26(b)(5(B)
    • 2015 Amendments to Rule 26
    • Rule 34
    • Rule 37(e) & Sanctions
    • Rule 45
Class Readings:
  • Cummings v. Gen. Motors Corp..PDF
  • Estate of David Rubinstein v. United States.pdf
  • Food Lion, Inc. v. United Food & Commercial Workers Int’l Union.PDF
  • Goldman v. United States.PDF
  • Krulewitch v. United States.PDF
  • Malautea v. Suzuki Motor Co..PDF
  • Mancia v. Mayflower Textile Servs. Co..pdf
  • Pellico v. Jackson.PDF
  • Sempier v. Johnson & Higgins.PDF
  • Stone v. Proctor.PDF
  • Stoudenmeier v. Williamson.PDF
  • United States v. Abel.PDF
  • United States v. Brooks.PDF
  • United States v. Doe.PDF
  • United States v. Marji.PDF
  • United States v. Rayborn.PDF
  • United States v. Romero.PDF
  • United States v. West.PDF
  • Victor Stanley, Inc. v. Creative Pipe, Inc..pdf
  • Wilson v. Volkswagon of Am., Inc..PDF
  • Introduction to the Federal Rules.pdf
Course Comments
User avatar
David Cardoza   |   07/22/2023

I appreciate the fact that the amendments to FRCP were discussed in detail. Discovery, with regard to electronic information, is definitely hot topic and one that needs constant updating.

No avatar
Daniel Healy   |   05/30/2021

Well presented and thorough.

No avatar
Sydney Bay   |   09/25/2020

Very good review on the rules!

No avatar
John Purvis   |   04/16/2020

Really helped to provide greater insight and understanding of the FRCP Rules outlined in my ACED's training.

No avatar
Matthew Shumway   |   02/28/2020

I like the step forward going from the basics of e-discovery, what it is, what it entails to the FRCP. I think this is a second that needs to be viewed multiple times to really grasp the concept.

No avatar
Julie Richer   |   05/07/2019

The faculty in this course were excellent. I have been involved with discovery for years and I learned several new bits of information that will be helpful going forward.

No avatar
John Christiansen   |   02/19/2019

Very interesting and all good to know moving forward

User avatar
Anjoli Michelle Ferrara-Clayton   |   01/30/2018

Great lecture on the Federal Rules pertinent to eDiscovery and the Amendments in 2015. Back-up tapes are no specifically named in FRCP as being "not reasonably accessible". In some instances, it may be required to preserve and collect from that source, if there is relevant information located there

No avatar
Susan Cruise   |   08/29/2017

Very good.

No avatar
Catherine Hendricks   |   07/28/2017

Excellent introduction to the federal rules in this area.

No avatar
Nels Johnson   |   05/16/2017

This module is very high quality. The presenters are clear and thorough and the material is presented in an engaging and thought-provoking manner.

No avatar
Robin Rickett   |   04/03/2017

Very informative.

User avatar
Judith Evans   |   06/15/2016

Really appreciate the thorough treatment of the 2015 FRCP amendments.

No avatar
leallan estrem   |   05/13/2016

Really thought the coverage on 37 e and sanctions was well done and reflected what we should be seeing in this area. One item I would like to see corrected in the coursse is reflect that it is now past 2015 and the amended rules are now in place.

No avatar
Barath Rajagopalan Jayaraman   |   04/30/2016

A highly relevant lecture regarding the most important rules and sections under the FRCP

No avatar
Jamie Chuck   |   04/22/2016

An excellent discussion of the intermingling of theory and practice under the 2015 FRCP amendments.

User avatar
Jake Maslov   |   04/20/2016

A very informative summary of the relevant FRCP delivered in a clear and concise manner. Thank you!

No avatar
Lee Holcomb   |   04/19/2016

Interesting to see the new rules going into play across the country. Was a hot topic at the Sedona Conference WG-1 meeting last week.

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