Evidence & Authentication

55 mins

This course examines the nuances of electronic evidence and the challenges involved in authenticating it. The faculty reviews some of the basic principles of evidence, and addresses some of the unique issues that arise when relying upon electronic evidence in the courtroom.

Class Outline:
  • Evidence & Authentication 55 mins
    • The Faculty
    • Evidence
    • Analyzing ESI
    • Authentication
    • Rules of Authentication Overview
    • Rules 901(a), 901(b) & 902
    • Rule 104(a) & 104(b)
    • Hearsay
    • Originals vs. Duplicates
    • Prejudice
    • Qualifying an Expert Witness
    • Animation vs. Simulation
    • Technology & Evidence
Class Readings:
  • Brooke Inns, Inc. v. S & R Hi-Fi & TV.PDF
  • Demarco v. Lehman Brothers Inc..PDF
  • DuPont De Nemours and Co..pdf
  • Friend v. Time Manufacturing Co..pdf
  • Griffin v. Maryland.PDF
  • Indianapolis Minority Contractors, Ass’n v. Wiley.PDF
  • Jamsports and Entertainment, LLC c. Paradama Products.pdf
  • Lorraine v. Markel Am. Ins. Co..pdf
  • Oseman v. State.PDF
  • Saunders v. Bowersox.PDF
  • Springborn v. Allstate Ins. Co..PDF
  • St. Clair v. Johnny’s Oyster and Shrimp, Inc..PDF
  • State v. Armsted.PDF
  • United States v. Ferber.PDF
  • United States v. Safavian.PDF
  • United States v. Siddiqui.PDF
  • Evidence & Authentication.pdf
Course Comments
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Nels Johnson   |   06/29/2017

This presentation was very engaging and informative. The proficiency and experience of the presenters makes it especially rewarding.

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Barath Rajagopalan Jayaraman   |   05/02/2016

concise and clear lecture

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