Budgeting & Project Management

40 mins

This course outlines project management and budgeting in the eDiscovery context.  The commentators discuss why project management is important in eDiscovery and how it can be made most effective. The course also discusses how project management plays an integral role in budgeting for eDiscovery matters.

Class Outline:
  • Budgeting & Project Management 40 mins
    • The Faculty
    • Budgeting Overview
    • Budgeting Considerations
    • Project Management Overview
    • Project Management & eDiscovery
    • Project Management Procedures
    • Traits of an Effective Project Manager
Class Readings:
  • Budgeting & Project Management.pdf
  • EEOC v. Original Honeybaked Ham Company of Georgia, Inc..pdf
  • Global Aerospace Inc. v. Landow Aviation, L.P..PDF
  • Micron Technology, Inc. v. Rambus Inc.pdf
  • Monique DaSilva Moore v. Publicis Groupe & MSL Group.pdf
  • Morgan Stanley & Co. v. Coleman Holdings, Inc..pdf
  • Pension Comm. of Univ. of Montreal Pension Plan v. Banc of Am. Sec., L.L.C. .pdf
  • Qualcomm Inc. v. Broadcom Corp..pdf
  • Shirley Williams v. Sprint-United Management Company.pdf
  • Zubulake v. Warburg LLC (I).PDF
  • Zubulake v. Warburg LLC (IV).PDF
  • Zubulake v. Warburg LLC (V).PDF
Course Comments
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Nels Johnson   |   07/03/2017

The presenters did a nice job of identifying key aspects of budgeting and project management, and provided clear, concise discussion.

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Charles Becoat   |   03/02/2017

R.A.S.C.H.I. Chart,Scoping and the list effective traits are a few of my take away's

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Malcolm Guidry   |   04/28/2016

Excellent segment. Emphasizes the importance of project management, collaboration and scoping at the onset.

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Barath Rajagopalan Jayaraman   |   04/28/2016

Simple way of teaching PM skills

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