1 hour 33 mins

This course outlines the parameters of the attorney-client privilege and work product doctrine.  It includes discussions regarding Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 26, Federal Rule of Evidence 502, and other considerations related to privilege review.

Class Outline:
  • Privilege 1 hour 33 mins
    • The Faculty
    • Ethical Rules
    • Attorney-Client Privilege
    • In-House Counsel
    • What Law Applies?
    • Work-Product Protection
    • Attorney-Client Privilege & Work-Product Protection
    • Federal Rule of Evidence 502
    • Challenges & Recommendations for Privilege Review
    • Transparency & Cooperation
    • Creating a Defensible Process
    • Reaching Agreement with Opposing Counsel
    • Privilege Logs
    • Effective Use of Technology
    • Conclusion
Class Readings:
  • Judge Peck Model 502(d) Order.pdf
  • The Protective Order Toolkit.pdf
  • 2015 J&B Attorney-Client Privilege Handbook.pdf
  • Privilege.pdf
Course Comments
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Amanda Kerlee   |   12/26/2019

This was one of my favorite courses. Everyone was very knowledgeable and the information was presented very clearly.

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JOSEPH SHORIN   |   09/10/2017

Great information and well presented in this module. However, I think it was repetitive at times, and could be shortened. This was particularly so with respect to the first 30 minutes that defines the scope of the attorney client privilege.

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Kathryn Lake   |   08/01/2017

I would have appreciated seeing an example of a "categorical privilege log."

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Tom Graham   |   07/26/2017

It was somewhat informative, but the amount of jargon greatly detracted from its value. I also have to agree with Nels that it was very repetitive and could have been half as long. Also, to have such a long portion of the video on a fed rule is not as valuable to a largely admin law agency.

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Stacey Jenssen   |   06/29/2017

I found all of the courses informative and extremely helpful. It certainly gave me a different way of looking at discovery initially and in the big picture. The printed information in the videos should be closely reviewed as there are several typos.

No avatar
Nels Johnson   |   06/21/2017

While this class contains much valuable information, it is too long and repetitive and could benefit from editing for length and brevity.

No avatar
Robin Rickett   |   04/03/2017

Excellent course.

No avatar
Lee Holcomb   |   10/05/2016

Excellent course. This is one that I will be coming back to at a later date to rewatch.

No avatar
Jamie Chuck   |   04/25/2016

One of the best courses in the series, from both legal and practical standpoints.

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