Building an eDiscovery Practice & Team

52 mins

This course outlines the considerations involved in building an effective eDiscovery practice and team. The commentators offer practical advice on subjects including who should be on the eDiscovery team, the team’s role in the litigation process, leveraging technology, and measuring success.

Class Outline:
  • Building an eDiscovery Practice & Team 52 mins
    • The Faculty
    • What is an eDiscovery Team?
    • Goals of an eDiscovery Team
    • The Roles of an eDiscovery Team
    • The Members of an eDiscovery Team
    • The Role of Technology
    • Out-Sourcing vs. In-Sourcing
    • Working with Merits Counsel
    • Building the Team
    • What is Success for an eDiscovery Team?
Class Readings:
  • Hard Choices - In-House eDiscovery Team.pdf
  • Building an eDiscovery Practice & Team.pdf
Course Comments
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Charles Becoat   |   03/05/2017

The need of a solid project manager,merits counsel, ability to evolve with the caseload, reduce cost and ediscovery burden along with designating a 306 b deponent are my takeaways.

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Carolyn E. Anger   |   07/13/2016

A great perspective from in-house counsel teams.

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Barath Rajagopalan Jayaraman   |   04/28/2016

A nice Overview to the setting up of an Internal e Discovery team.

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