Write Right

19 mins
A discussion on the role of email in the workplace, proper email etiquette, the potential legal repercussions for crafting a poorly written email, and how to develop a culture of awareness within your office.
Class Outline:
  • Write Right 19 mins
    • Overview & Goals
    • Important Tips
Class Readings:
  • Write Right.pdf
Course Comments
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Barath Rajagopalan Jayaraman   |   03/27/2020

A Nice orientation to write Right !

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Margaret Stuski   |   08/23/2018

Well said!

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Anjoli Michelle Ferrara-Clayton   |   01/05/2018

This course was an excellent and informative way to emphasize the importance of communicating via e-mail.

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Andrea Simanson   |   09/06/2017

I appreciated the added visuals (emails with highlights, newspaper headlines, etc.) in this course.

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