Federal Rule of Evidence 502

1 hour 37 mins
This course introduces Federal Rule of Evidence 502. The faculty, which includes two federal judges, will outline the rulemaking history of 502, an analysis of the case law, and practical guidance on how the rule is used in both state and federal litigation.

Class Outline:
  • Federal Rule of Evidence 502 1 hour 37 mins
    • The Faculty
    • The Faculty Pt. 2
    • The Purpose of FRE 502
    • FRE 502(a)
    • FRE 502(b)
    • FRE 502(c)
    • FRE 502(d)
    • FRE 502(e)
    • FRE 502(f)
    • FRE 502(g)
    • Top Takeaways
Class Readings:
  • Rajala v McGuire Woods.pdf
  • Chevron v Weinberg Group.pdf
  • In re Fuel Surcharge 502(d) Order.pdf
  • The Facciola-Redgrave Framework.pdf
  • Introduction to Federal Rule of Evidence 502.pdf
Course Comments
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Charles Becoat   |   03/22/2017

502(d) is the standard and quick peeks should only be used if there is minimal chance that privilege will be waived.

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